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Business Intelligence & ERP Migration

Just acquired a competitor?  Merged into another business?  Or is it simply time to upgrade to a new system? The prospect of doing so can often be daunting for an organization.  Questions often asked include: How do we ensure that we keep all our critical legacy data?  How do we maintain business as usual whilst supplying the new system with the data it requires?  We can provide a robust and structured environment and develop the tools necessary to facilitate a smooth transition utilizing effective risk management. Contact Us

Invoice Management & Reconciliation

Should your organisation require it, we can help you to develop an Invoice Management System that will facilitate keeping on top of efficiently managing your commitments to your vendors.  Cross-functional collaboration is key to achieving success.  It’s not going to happen overnight since the process operates across three phases.  1) Investigate & Identify  2) Implementation 3) Monitor & Refine. Happy vendors can only serve to enhance your reputation. Contact Us

Big Data Visualisation Financial Modelling & Analytics

Our services don’t cover day to requirements or analysis conducted during the normal course of business.  Our value proposition should you require it, looks at how we may be able to assist your business with optimizing the wealth of customer data at its disposal and how this can be utilised to generate even greater revenues, better predict consumer behaviors and further improve accuracy with those all-important financial forecast predictions. That means Big Data and examining Solutions such as IBM Watson Analytics. Should budget restrictions prove to be prohibitive, we can try to help you examine solutions that better fit your fiscal structure.  We can also provide On-Site Advanced Microsoft Excel Training Support Services.  Whatever your requirements, please detail them in the Contact Us form and we’ll see what we can do.

Loss Management & Mitigation Support

Need to understand exactly How and Where business is Losing Revenue?  In the vast majority of cases, this is taken care of internally by finance.  For the remainder, external support is required and it can be extremely expensive.  It need not be.  We can provide you with an affordable top-down forensic solution that will provide full transparency to the areas of your business that require attention.  This could involve anything from duplication, excessive waste or undisciplined vendor management.  We’ll get to the bottom of it, help to mitigate and can recommend strategies to help increase revenue.  We are not financial advisers, ergo speculative investments which carry risk fall outside the scope of our service offering. Contact Us

Custom Web Design & Implementation

Web Design and implementation can be a painstaking process.  If you plan to outsource this activity, then our fully customised end-to-end solution Web 360(c) could be exactly what you are looking for.  Sit back and relax as we take care of all your requirements including:

  • Hosting & E-Commerce
  • Complete Design & Implementation of your Bespoke Website, specifically tailored to your products/requirements.
  • Office 365 Professional Email + MS Office
  • Website Security (Merchant & Non-Merchant)
  • Search Engine Optimisation & Web Marketing (So your customers can find you).
  • Optional Ongoing Support & Maintenance.

You will have complete visibility of all upfront costs (including fees) following your evaluation.  The project will proceed once all parties agree to the services provided, costs and the timeline for implementation.  Control and visibility of any financial transactions through your website will be exclusively limited to your company.  Details of optional support will be provided in your service level agreement. Contact Us


Effective resource management (Human, Material, Financial) is key to meeting your forecasts.  Traditionally deployed in manufacturing, Sales & Ops Planning (also known as SIOP) can be adapted for non-manufacturing industries.  We can build dynamic & sophisticated tools that will enable you to monitor how your Portfolio, Demand & Supply requirements are being addressed through the active year, simultaneously providing a long-term forecast based on your sales funnel, booked opportunites & resource utilisationContact Us

Business Analysis Development & Transformation Support

If you’re considering external support to help you improve an area of your business, increase its efficiency or to help improve its revenue stream, we can help you to achieve this. Our process will Include (but is not limited to) Strategy Analysis (Internal & External), Business Process Analysis, Gap Analysis, Change Management, Requirements Analysis Development & Modelling.  Our methodologies are supported by axiomatic design concepts. This service is available to enterprises of all sizes.  Please Contact Us with details of your enquiry.

Luxury Corporate Events

This service option is reserved for clients with refined tastes but limited access. With exclusive contacts and preferred rates, allow us to help you to secure high-end venues and to organise special corporate events, or to secure reservations at exclusive bars & restaurants for privileged clients.  Please provide details of your specific requirements in the contact us form. We’ll do our best to assist and if we can, full details of our modest fee’s will be provided in your itemised booking confirmation. We also plan to run exclusive corporate events later this year.  Details will be posted on the events page when finalized.  If there is something else we may be able to assist with not mentioned above, please include details when you submit your enquiry.

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