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Service Profile

Robotic Process Automation, ERP Migration Support (Workday & SAP), Business Transformation Support, Business Intelligence & Data Science, Standard Process Automation (VBA)

Revenue Loss/Shrinkage Management & Mitigation Support, Sales & Operations Planning Support , BOO Resource Management & Sourcing

Big Data Visualisation Financial Modeling & Analytics, Business Process Improvement, Invoice Reconciliation & Management Support, Custom Web Design & Implementation Support, Luxury Corporate Events.

Experience Matters

As a business, you will occasionally identify scenarios where you are not able to utilize the expertise of your workforce to implement new initiatives, mitigate losses or to bring special projects to fruition.  We have the skills,  experience and the technical expertise to help you achieve your objectives.

Optimal Strategy

We know time is of the essence, so quickly identifying the optimal strategy is key to success.  We will run a complete analysis of your requirements, the potential impact on your business and implement a tangible solution that facilitates global adoption.  This will be achieved through effective stakeholder management and cross functional collaboration.

Bespoke Solutions

At Opulenta Global Solutions, we believe in complete transparency and maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct.  Our agreement is fixed price for the duration of the engagement through to completion.  We understand that one size often does not fit all, which is why we provide a fully custom solution to meet the strategic objectives of your business.

“We needed a solution that could extract information from our ERP, CRM and multiple other systems to present a coherent view of our  business to enable forward planning and decision support. Furthermore, the solution needed to be scalable and adaptable for rapid deployment across Europe. Opulenta Global Solutions were able to quickly understand the requirements, engage with multiple stakeholders across Europe to deliver a  robust technical solution with intuitive user interfaces as required and on time. I found them to be professional, personable and diligent and would not hesitate to recommend them.”
Lawrence Leelasena FCMA, MBA

Strategy Deployment Director (Europe), Honeywell

“HBS Europe was in great need of a step change in terms of linking frontlog to backlog conversion, hence SIOP was the most obvious choice.  In that respect Opulenta Global Solutions worked closely with the European Sales function as well as other business functional leaders to understand the requirements and KPI’s which were needed to meet the desired outcomes, to then design the right solution to be deployed.  They were fully engaged in the end to end process, bringing to the table great professionalism, speed, and flexibility.”
Massimo Ferrari

VP Sales (Europe), Honeywell